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Gira Introduces its System 106 Modular Door Station System

New design diversity and range of functions at the door

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Visitors get an initial impression of buildings even before reaching the front door, so everything needs to be perfect there. This can be achieved with Gira System 106, the new door station system made of real metal in a puristic and elegant design. It comprises a broad, constantly expandable product range for outdoor use – ranging from the information panels and door station which can be designed individually to call buttons, house numbers, and information carriers. All the functions are presented in a harmonious overall appearance. Even in the dark, a system light and backlit modules ensure an attractive look.

Gira presented the following modules at Light+Building: HD colour camera, voice module, combination module (a compact voice module with an integrated call button for communication between indoors and outdoors), call buttons, 1-gang to 4-gang, blind module, door buzzer with visual support, information module, information carrier, system light/rain shield. The product range will be expanded with letterboxes at a later time. The modules are frameless with real material design fronts, available in brushed stainless steel, anodised aluminium, and a white lacquered metal alloy.

Modules with cameras feature a black glass cover. A high-quality camera with high light sensitivity is concealed behind the exchangeable black glass plate. Because of its angle of detection of 105°, occupants are always in the picture regarding what is happening at their front doors. Innovative technologies such as High Light Compensation, Wide Dynamic Function and Noise Reduction ensure a clear image for all lighting conditions. Even direct sunlight or bright automobile headlights at night do not cause any interference. Thanks to true b/w infrared operation, the camera features vandal-proof installation and shows who is at the door, even in the dark.

The modular design and three material variants allow the design, functionality, and size of the Gira System 106 to be adapted ideally to the building’s architecture. In addition, it can be installed in various steps, parallel to the construction progress. In this way, it is possible to initially install only the body during construction of the shell; cables and modules are not added until they are needed.

The new Gira door station system can be used in single-family or multi-family houses, as well as in office buildings, industrial properties, and hotels. The modular design is the prerequisite for the individual adaptation of the system’s size, design, and functionality to fulfil the respective requirements. Expansions and changes are possible at any time by easily exchanging or expanding the modules. Even very large systems can be realised because the Gira DCS repeater helps extend the cable length and add more devices to the door intercom.

The Gira System 106 was designed by the product design team at Tesseraux+Partner (Potsdam), and it will be available starting December 2014.

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