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Gira Introduces its Comfort KNX Energy Meter

In addition to “sustainability”, “energy savings” is a major topic in building and renovating. There are numerous intelligent technical solutions for saving energy or consuming it as needed. One factor is often overlooked: use behaviour is also decisive for the economical or wasteful consumption of energy. In order to be able to adapt their own behaviour and possibly correct it, users should be able to view or read off their consumption. Gira has designed the KNX energy meter Comfort for this exact purpose.

The Gira KNX energy meter Comfort does more than just record electrical measured values. It also serves as the central component for comprehensive energy management in residential, commercial, or industrial properties. In doing so, the device acts as the central, higher-level measuring point for the entire household. It can also be employed as an intermediate or sub-meter. In connection with the Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer, the Gira KNX energy meter Comfort allows the data which were recorded to be displayed, saved, evaluated, or processed. In this way, energy consumption can be optimised, which ultimately contributes to cost reduction and resource conservation.

Additional functions can be called up in the industry. For example, the “peak control” function can be used to reduce the power of select devices to lower consumption peaks, based on which utility companies calculate their power rates. A maximum observer emits a warning in case of overload to help prevent production failures. In private households, the Gira KNX energy meter Comfort is used for itemised billing and sub-metering, as well as power monitoring and energy management. A 60 x 30 mm graphic LC display with LED backlighting enables parameters and settings to be read off conveniently thanks to the excellent legibility of the numbers. The desired menu language can be selected easily at a touch.

The Gira KNX energy meter Comfort will be available starting May 2014.

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