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Elektro Hering Wins ZVEH/ZVEI Energy Efficiency Award 2014

Systems Integrator, Elektro Hering GmbH, won first prize for its project ‘The Intelligent Hotel’. Awarded by the ZVEH, ZVEI and KNX Association at the Light+Building show in Frankfurt in 2014, the prize was in recognition of the energy efficiency, system integration, innovation and user-friendliness of the project.

Visitors to the show were able to see the functionality of the project and experience how an integrated system can help a hotel to monitor itself and support the operator in performing their tasks.

Product manufacturers and visitors were pleasantly surprised by what is possible today with modern technology. Deputy Director General Dr. Andreas Goerdeler from the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy stressed the importance of energy efficiency in his speech. At the same time he pointed out that design should be based on the needs of customers and should therefore be easy to use, which will help make such technology more accepted by the general populace.

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