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ABB and Busch-Jaeger Expand Networked Building Automation Solutions

With the Newron System solutions for building automation, ABB and Busch-Jaeger are continuing to expand their customer-oriented competence in the area of networked building automation. ABB and Busch-Jaeger already have numerous innovative KNX solutions for building automation in their programme. They range from lighting, shading, movement and presence-detection control, to room-temperature controllers. Until now, the portfolio ended with the connection of the KNX bus to the IT building network via an IP router.

With the Newron System, ABB and Busch-Jaeger are now providing the system integrator the possibility to integrate the KNX solutions simply in the building automation.

The Newron System solutions enable the data exchange between different levels and protocols of the building automation and provide additional services (e.g. trends, calendars, etc.). The Newron System supports all the open protocol standards such as BACnet, LON, KNX, Modbus, OPC, M-Bus and Obix. This ensures maximum flexibility for the clients, i.e. devices with different producers and standards can be integrated in one building and combined with each other.

The Newron System solutions are outstanding due to their user-friendly interface and simple indoor architecture. The products are aligned particularly to the requirements of medium to large-scale, functional-building projects and optimised for integrating and processing large, data-point quantities. The Newron System helps the user to shorten integration times and thereby reduces the costs.

The range of the Newron System covers the following solutions:

• doMOOV is an innovative software solution (middleware) that controls the data exchange between the different protocols. The user-friendly interface and the simple internal structure ensure short programming times and faclitate modifications and adjustments.

• doGATE is an automation server that has been optimised for doMOOV, and is provided with all the necessary physical interfaces, and it can also take over backup and room-related, remote-control functions.

• MOOVnGROUP is a commissioning tool that, as an application for the KNX commissioning soft- ware ETS4, facilitates the processing of KNX projects with its graphic user surface. For example, group addresess are thereby generated automatically.

The market-proven Newron System solutions ensure that extensive projects can also be processed considerably faster and more efficiently. They offer a complete, user-friendly IT/BMS architecture solution (BMS = Building Management Systems) for intelligent buildings.

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