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Elsner Introduces the Suntracer KNX sl Weather Station

The new Suntracer KNX sl weather station marks the latest chapter in the success story of Elsner’s GPS receiver-equipped KNX weather stations. A building’s exterior is not only designed for function and reliability: its structural shell is a design object and can even form part of a company’s branding. With its sleek, new housing, the Suntracer KNX sl provides an air of discreet elegance, supporting rather than detracting from the overall effect of a building’s architecture.

Like all Suntracer weather stations, the Suntracer KNX sl comes equipped with sensors for measuring brightness, wind speed, temperature and precipitation. A new addition is an air pressure sensor. This air pressure information can be used in the KNX system, for example, to determine weather trends or pressure differences between a building’s interior and its surroundings.

The weather station unit’s software includes a wide range of control functions for the provision of shading for up to eight façades. The shading automation function of GPS-equipped Elsner weather stations is already well-known for its precise, sun-dependent slat and shade adjustment function for blinds. This new model is further enhanced with the addition of a frost protection function. In the Suntracer KNX sl, the integrated calendar and weekly timer, as well as AND/OR logic blocks, are now supplemented by four comparators for 1-, 2- or 4-byte input values. A comparator output sends a signal when both input values are the same or when one value is higher than the other, depending on its setting. In order to ensure simple, easy settings for this multitude of functions, the ETS menus have been restructured for automatic and additional functions.

This newly designed weather station will be available in the version described above, the Suntracer KNX sl, as well as in two variants with reduced functionality. Single and combination weather sensors for wind and rain, for example, are included in the program.

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