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KNX Association Announces Special Offers for Training Centres at Light+Building 2014

Special advantages for Certification of Training Centres!

The KNX Training Centres are a valuable asset in the KNX world. They bring the knowledge to the newco- mers, the skills improvements and perfection to the professionals.

Therefore making the step to become a KNX Certified Training Centre is an important decision. That is why KNX Association would like to offer you this special offer during the light+building fair!

If you plan to have your educational establishment certified in 2014, here is an occasion you should not miss.

If you intend to become a KNX Certified Training Centre in 2014 then visit our Training Centres booth within the Community area of the KNX city and get your certifica- tionvoucher which will grant you the first two annual fees for free.

But that’s not all. Becoming a KNX Certified Training Centre has many advantages. Take a look at what is offered to you:

• Purchase of ETS at reduced fees
• Use of the KNX training documentation
• Use of the KNX Training Centre logo in documents
and forms and for advertising purposes
• Distribution of KNX certificates for basic courses • And many more

Special Offer for new KNX Training Centers

Unique opportunity to discover all the advantages of ETS

The demand for KNX Training is rising worldwide enor- mously. Therefore, take advantage of the special offer of the KNX Association for new KNX Training Centers!

KNX Training Center Starter Package

In order to ease the access to KNX devices for new KNX Training Centers, the KNX Association is offering “KNX Starter Packages” for a discounted price of €1.500 (ex VAT) per package. A KNX Starter Package contains of KNX devices and ETS Lite licenses for two students.

What is in a KNX Starter Package?

• USB-Interface
• 2 Power Supplies (160 mA and 320 mA) • Dimming actuator
• 2-Wires Cable
• Line Coupler
• Blind actuator
• Junction and distribution connectors
• Switches
• 2 ETS Lite Licenses (Host-ID)

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