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KNX Association Announces ETS Special Offers Available at Light+Building 2014

Unique opportunity to discover all the advantages of ETS

The world of ETS is waiting for you!

The KNX Association (KNX city stand in Galleria) wants to take the opportunity of the Light+Building fair to offer you a whole range of ETS deals especially for you.

They have been selected to provide you with a variety of options and we are sure that you will find at least one to your satisfaction.

KNX City at Light+Building 2014

ETS4 Lite for free!

The ETS4 Lite is a unique opportunity to discover ETS. The license allows you to programme small KNX projects. Ask for your voucher at the reception desk.

ETS4 Professional at a special price!

Were you planning to buy a new ETS4 Professional license? That is now the right time. To celebrate the 24 years of KNX, KNX Association offers you a voucher for a reduction of 24% on a new ETS4 Professional license. Ask for your voucher at the reception desk.

ETS Apps package at a special price!

Discover the ETS Apps, a real revolution in the KNX world! KNX Association offers you the whole package (10 Apps from KNX Association) with a 50% reduction! Ask for your voucher at the reception desk.

ETS5 Beta to test!

It is now time for ETS to make a giant leap towards the future with its new ETS5 Professional version. We invite you to participate in the worldwide beta test of our new software which has been scheduled for market launch in October 2014. Ask for your ETS5 Beta test voucher at the reception desk.

ETS4 Professional to win!

Do you want to win an ETS4 Professional dongle version? We offer you the possibility to do so every day at KNX city. You can participate several times a day in a simple question/answer competition to receive a free license. Be there!

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