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LOYTEC Offers the LKNX-300 KNX Interface for its Automation Server and Room Controller

The KNX interface LKNX-300 allows the integration of KNX (EIB) devices into the LINX-12x/15x/22x Automation Server, LROC-100/150 Room Controller, and LGATE-95x Universal Gateway.

The LKNX‑300 interface must be connected to the EXT port on the LINX automation server, L-ROC Room Controller or the LGATE-950 Universal Gateway. Power is supplied to the KNX interface via the KNX TP1 bus interface. The KNX interface supports devices on the KNX TP1 bus.

One KNX interface can communicate with up to 1 000 data points on the KNX TP1 bus.


KNX interface for LINX-12x/15x/22x Automation Server, and LROC-100/150
KNX interface for LGATE-95x Universal Gateway
Support KNX devices on TP1 bus
Up to 1000 data points are supported on the KNX TP1 bus
Power is supplied to the interface via the KNX TP1 bus interface
The L-KNX interface is connected to the EXT (EXT1 or EXT2) port

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