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Wieland Electric Offers the gesisFLEX Decentralised Building Automation System with KNX Control

The future of room automation. Modular, compact, pluggable.

Future-proof systems rely on standards. KNX has proven itself over many years, and it is established and standardized worldwide. The pluggable electrical installation with gesis® has been used successfully all over the world for the last 25 years and more. The combination of both proven systems prepares any building adequately for the future.

gesis FLEX is the latest product of the evolutionary development of decentralized room automation for controlling lighting, sunblinds, ventilation, and heating. The modular and extremely flexible gesis FLEX system covers all the necessary functions and enables quick and easy adjustments and extensions of room functions. This means that you are optimally prepared for any unplanned changes in use.

You will be able to keep your property’s technology state-of-the-art for a long time to come. With KNX control as an open and manufacturer-independent system you can rely on globally standardized intelligent building system technology. This translates for you into greater cost efficiency, more comfort, and long-term installation security, and it will safeguard the value of your property.


▪ Offices / banks
▪ Schools / universities
▪ Hospitals / medical facilities
▪ Hotels / restaurants
▪ Airports / railway stations
▪ Retail stores / shopping centers
▪ Industrial buildings / production plants ▪ Sports facilities / stadiums

The solution

▪ Decentralized, modular room automation with gesis FLEX
▪ Installation in floor / wall / ceiling
▪ Control of lighting and room temperature
▪ Control of sunshade
▪ Switching of outlets
▪ On-site manual operation and status LEDs

Advantages of decentralized room automation with gesis FLEX

▪ Modular assembly of room functions
▪ Consistent pluggability for quick and error-free installation
▪ Open, manufacturer-independent room automation via KNX
▪ Extremely flat design, ideal for installation in ceiling and floor
▪ Easy adjustment to required room functions
▪ Maximum availability of room automation

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