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Memoori Research Forecasts the Global Lighting Controls Product Market will be Worth US$2.54 Billion by 2017

The world value of lighting control products in 2013 was approximately $1.67 billion at factory gate prices. Memoori forecasts that the global market for lighting controls from 2013 to 2020 will grow at a CAGR of 12%.

For Only $999 USD, this Report is the new 2014 Definitive Resource for Lighting Controls Market Research & Investment Analysis. Understand why 2014 is the most exciting time for the lighting industry since the early twentieth century. Lighting is truly at an inflection point and the forthcoming shakeout over the next 5 years will determine the winners and losers in the game; as well as who will be the lighting giants of the future.

It is the impact of LED technology that is providing vast opportunities to improve lighting products and their efficiency. This has coincided with the mandated demand to reduce CO2 emissions in buildings; creating a unique and challenging opportunity. But this will come at the cost of destabilizing the long established lighting industry.

Although the manufacture and design of lighting controls is for the most part a separate business, the introduction of LED Lighting opens up new possibilities for enhanced control and also extends it further across the “Internet of Things”.

If the lighting controls market is to maximize the growth opportunities that we forecast then it must increase its share of the retrofit market. Whilst the case for retrofitting buildings with LED lighting has become very compelling it needs wireless technology in order to bring down the installation cost and improve the return on investment in much of this sector.

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