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Bleu Comm’ Azur Shows KNX proServ Controller at ISE 2014

Stand: 7-N176, ISE 2014

App configuration by magic – new system architecture enables the automatic generation of KNX user interfaces on smartphones

Searching for KNX, you can find a variety of apps in the Apple Store. Which one is the right one?
The question can only be answered if you are dealing in detail with the various solutions. What is needed is a comparison of price and performance. These are on the one hand, the cost of the required hardware, software licenses, and not least the cost of configuration and maintenance. This contrasts with not only the functionality, but also the ability to access multiple devices and the design of user interfaces.

From a development of Weinzierl Engineering, iKnix and Bleu Comm’ Azur a brand new solution has emerged: the “KNX proServ”.

Configuration alone on ETS

The personalized user interface is not created with a separate, graphical editor with this product, but simply with the ETS software without any additional plug-in. So the installer has the advantage of working with only one tool that is already familiar, and needs no additional training.

Directly above the ETS parameter spaces are the functions to be created, which can be operated by the end user. As with other KNX participants, there are also proServ communication objects that are assigned to the group addresses. That’s it. After the transfer of these parameters to the device, you only need to load the free app from and launch it. ProServ is detected automatically, and after entering the user password, the configuration is loaded and creates the user interface within a second.

Different clients

This process is even more impressive when different control devices are used, because regardless of resolution and size of the display, the correct representation is conjured up using a configuration that is stored in proServ. Proserve currently works with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, and an Android version will be available shortly.

Several personal user interfaces

Different users – different needs. The system architecture of proServ not only allows operation with 10 devices at the same time, it can also be set up to four different user interfaces, so that depending on the requirement, the system can be operated individually. A user password prevents unauthorized intervention.

Feature richness

The KNX system today offers over 250 manufacturers solutions for all requirements of controlling a modern building. The strength of KNX is the compatibility of all devices for both manufacturers as well as trades. The functionality ranges from simple light switches to complex heating and air conditioning. To control this diversity, the app must be correspondingly powerful. In addition to the simple standard functions, proServ can set and save even heating control scenarios, and the user interface is still tidy and intuitive for the end user.

Connection to the KNX bus via proServ Micro Server

The app is the pretty face of the system – the heart of the proServ solution is based on a micro server.


The list price for the KNX interface proServ is 850 EUR. There are no license fees for additional clients, no license problems when replacing the operating units.

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