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FS Cables Offers Duct Grade, Armoured and White Versions of TP1 KNX Cable

FS Cables as member of the KNX association now offers certified KNX cable TP1.

With the increasing demand for ‘green’ buildings, Intelligent Building Technology systems can contribute to significant energy savings over time.

KNX systems, formerly known as EIB, allow the operation and control of heating, lighting and air condition among others to be aligned with external climate conditions or adjusted by an interface to pre-set levels.

When you are looking to buy KNX cable, look for the KNX logo. All KNX certified equipment has been tested and certified to meet this high standard and only equipment meeting this can carry the logo. This ensures the quality, reliability and guaranteed compatibility of all KNX devices and equipment.

The KNX cable from FS Cables (also known as TP1 cable) features two twisted pairs of solid conductor with a foil screen and tinned copper drain wire in a green LSHF jacket. It has been tested and certified as being suitable for use in KNX systems and bears the KNX logo.

Also offered is a duct grade, armoured and white version.

The duct grade KNX cable features a tough polyethylene (PE) waterproof jacket over the standard LSHF inner sheath.

The armoured (SWA) KNX cable uses the substantial duct grade cable as a base with the addition of 0.9mm solid galvanised steel wires cased in a heavy waterproof PE jacket – making it one of the toughest cables around.

For internal installations where the cable may be seen, the white KNX cable is ideal. The cable is exactly the same in construction as the standard green 2 pair cable but has a white LSHF sheath with yellow printing.

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