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ABB Announces i-bus KNX Power Supplies with Diagnostics

The new ABB i-bus KNX Power Supplies with diagnostics feature an expanded LED display for indication of the momentary current load in the bus line and for quick diagnostics of the bus state. The state values are also provided on the KNX system by means of ETS communication objects. The ABB i-bus tool also permits detailed analysis.

Two versions for bus loads of 320 and 640 mA are available, each with integrated choke and wide range inputs for supply voltages from 85 to 265 V AC at 50/60 Hz, in MDRC housing (4 modules width). The device with 640 mA features a voltage output without choke to power another bus line in combination with an additional choke. Connection to the bus is performed via bus terminals. All other connections are made reliably and quickly via combination head screws.

Analysis of device information with the ABB i-bus tool

The ABB i-bus tool permits detailed device analysis without ETS software – even remotely. The following items of status information are available here:
−− Supply voltage OK
−− Overload I > Imax
−− Total current I > rated current In
−− Bus voltage Un
−− Bus current
−− Current I2 (additional voltage output for SV/S 30.640.5.1)
−− Total current I = I1 + I2 (for SV/S 30.640.5.1)
−− Operating hours
−− Operating hours since last start up
−− Number of start ups

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