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Jung Offers KNX Room Controller with OLED Display

Jung is expanding its F-40 touch sensors with the new KNX room controller OLED.

Available in CD (rounded edges) and LS (right-angled edges) designs, the compact control unit with integrated bus coupler has a remarkable range of functions: in addition to switching, dimming, scene selection, and shutter control, it can also control a fan controller, display and adjust the room temperature and it supports multiroom control in conjunction with the Jung Facility pilot.

Clearly readable from any angle

The high-resolution OLED graphic display has high contrast, sharpness, and a viewing angle of 170 degrees, which allows up to 30 icons to be clearly displayed for the various basic functions, and up to three lines of text, with a scrolling display. This means that a comprehensive amount of information can be provided, for example, for music control, further details such as artist and album can be displayed next to the selected tracks.

The KNX room controller OLED can be flush-mounted and is operated by comparatively large buttons. These are each equipped with two LEDs for status indication and can be personalised using a laser or printed with symbols or text. Combined with a corresponding push-button expansion module, there is also the opportunity to increase the capabilities as required.

The KNX room controller OLED was awarded “Best Product of the Year” at the Plus X Award 2013.

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