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Züblin Elektro Announces Swiss Garde Hokuspokus KNX/KLR Presence Detector

Züblin Elektro has announced the Swiss Garde Hokuspokus as a small cost-effective KNX presence detector.

Offered as the smallest-ceiling detector, Hokuspokus provides optimal area detection by means of variable lens positioning.

Two light channels c1 and c2 for constant light control KLR.
c1 as an offset to c1 (from -50% to +50%).
Orientation light on/off, 10-50%, 2 selectable values.
Constant light control adjustable by ETS or setpoint adjustable via KNX push-button.

Rated voltage: 24V DC (21-30V DC).
Power consumption: 0.3W.
Detection range: 360 degrees elliptical.
Range: 5m presence, approximately 14m distance and 8m width at 3m height.
Mounting height: approximately 2-5m.
PIR sensors: 2 pyroelectric detectors.
Sensitivity: adjustable in 10 steps.
Switching criteria: movement and brightness.
Mixed light measurement: 5-2000lx.
Protection: IP54, class II, CE.
Temperature range: -20 to +40C.
Dimensions: 44×1-8 mm (visible area).
Ceiling hole: 37-40mm.
Mounting depth: 43mm.

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