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Gira Offers Control 9 KNX Compact Control Unit

The Gira Control 9 KNX is a new compact central control unit for KNX installation in the home. The touchpanel with a 22.9 cm (9″) display enables the convenient operation of all bus functions with a single finger and offers diverse additional features such as email, news and weather services or consumption diagrams. It can be used as a home station in collaboration with the DCS-IP-gateway. The award-winning Gira Interface featuring intuitive menu guidance ensures convenient and easy operation.

An intelligent standby feature keeps energy consumption low while also ensuring that the Gira Control 9 KNX can be ‘woken up’ if necessary, e.g. when important system messages are received or automated processes should be started.

Function display
All devices in a room and their status can be seen at a glance. All functions can be directly operated from this display.

Pop-up menu
Detailed information and operating elements open up within a pop-up menu above the list view instead of in another level. This ensures clear operation.

Data evaluation
Operating and consumption data can be continuously recorded. Developments can thus be analysed, comparative calculations made and the potential for savings determined.

News services
Always up-to-date: News reports and blog feeds in RSS format 2.0 from various providers can be displayed on the Gira Control 9 KNX.

Weather data
Find out in the morning whether to pack an umbrella for the day. An online weather service is available free of charge.

With the Gira Control 9 KNX e-mails can be called up, read and sorted. Individually created user accounts enable personal use for all occupants.

Door communication with the Gira Control 9 KNX
In combination with the Gira DCS-IP-gateway, the Gira Control 9 KNX can also be used for audio-visual door communication. A loudspeaker and microphone are integrated, as is a colour camera, e.g. for leaving video messages.

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