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MDT Launches Brightness Sensor with Constant Light Regulation

MDT has launched a new brightness sensor with constant light regulation.

This reduced-size sensor provides great energy savings by allowing the user to maintain the desired amount of light while taking into account the contribution of external light.

Totally programmable using ETS, the brightness sensor offers the following functions:

* Measuring and sending of the brightness value in lux.
* 1 threshold with hysteresis.
* Possibility to differentiate between the amount of desired lux during the day and at night.
* Calibration of the brightness sensor depending on the material of the room in order to obtain a more precise measure.
* Constant light regulation of up to 3 zones (window, main and wall) with a single brightness sensor.
* Possibility to define up to 8 scenes.
* Blocking object which allows selection of when the functionality of the sensor is active or not.
* and more!

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