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CJC Systems Announces LOLA, MONA, ZITA and LARA KNX Push-button Switches

CJC Systems has announced four stylish collections of KNX-compatible push-button switches designed to offer flexibility of control and ease of wiring.

Available in a range of finishes, LOLA and LARA are four-button switches, MONA is a two-button switch and ZITA is a single button switch. All switches have LED indicator options.


– Night and Day LED-indicators brightness adaptability.
– Pressing button, 1 object: ON, OFF, TOGGLE, 1Byte values, 2Byte values, 4Byte values.
– Pressing button, 3 objects: ON, OFF, TOGGLE, 1Byte values – Pressing and releasing button, 2 objects: ON, OFF, TOGGLE, 1Byte values, 2Byte values.
– Short and long keystroke, 2 objects: ON, OFF, TOGGLE, 1Byte values, 2Byte values.
– Dimming and Blind/Shutter processing.
– Scenarios run and save ability.
– LED Staircase function, on/off delay, scenarios attribution.
– Basic logical functions (AND, OR, XOR, NOT) based on 2 entries.
– RGB lights programming functionality.
– Blinking of LEDs.
– Optional: Integrated Temperature and Humidity sensor.

Technical data

– Main power supply 24V – 29V via KNX Bus.
– Current consumption: 4 buttons, all LEDs 100% = 10mA (29V); 4 buttons, all LEDs 10% = 4mA (29V).
– Connection: std. WAGO KNX connector.
– Operating temperature: -5°C … 45°C.
– KNX programming button and LED = on front and rear side.
– Max. group addresses = 86.
– Max. associations = 86.
– Number of comm. Objects = 71.
– Application download time = approximately 30 sec.

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