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Zennio Offers IRSC Zone for Climate Control

In line with its commitment to energy efficiency, Zennio is offering the IRSC Zone for infrared control of the Zennio IRSC module, This integrates into KNX-based air conditioning systems in facilities with hot/cold conduits, incorporating up to 8 zones in a single device driver and gateway to the AC machine.

IRSC Zone not only controls the system via infrared commands, but also offers thermostatic control of the different rooms, allowing independent temperature adjustment in each zone to a setpoint. Furthermore, these setpoint temperatures can be limited to cold and heat modes.

The limitation of the wind velocity and the bypass control motor (if present in the system), both based on the number of open grilles, prevents excess pressure in the ducts and its subsequent wear.

With this functionality, IRSC Zone automatically regulates AC system demand, achieving optimum conditioning in all rooms in a more efficient way.

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