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LUNOS Announces KNX System Components for Residential HVAC

LUNOS, has announced a number of KNX system components aimed at the residential heating, ventilation and air-conditioning market.

KNX LUNOS Control4

The KNX LUNOS Control4 module enables control of decentralised ventilation units with the e2 and ego heat recovery systems and the RA 15-60 exhaust fan via the KNX bus. Up to four devices can be operated with a ventilation module. Several modules can be networked via the KNX bus together to provide coordinated operation.

Direct control of the ventilation devices can be done via the existing button inputs. The module has an integrated bus coupling unit and requires an additional voltage. It is situated in a plastic casing, which can be used in a standard flush-mounted socket. The module can be controlled with the KNX IT touchscreen or directly using a series switch. Even without an automatic control switch, it is possible to sense moisture or CO2. The degree of protection equivalent to IP20.

LUNOS KNX IT Touchscreen

The LUNOS KNX IT 3.5″ TFT colour display with touchscreen is used to visualise and control the KNX bus. The display has a resolution of 320×240 pixels with 256k colours (RGB). The centrepiece is a 32-bit ARM processor with 200MHz clock frequency. It is equipped with a Linux operating system and has a mini USB port and a micro SD slot for data storage.

In addition to controlling the LUNOS KNX-enabled fans, the KNX IT touchscreen can control the following functions:

Switching and dimming
Displaying states
RGB controller
Switching on and off of various equipment
Control requirements for room temperatures and climate
Multi-room functions
Astronomical clock
Data logging
Password protection for pages and controls
Custom functions.

Ventilation functions of the KNX system:

Low voltage 24-32V DC power supply of the fan.
Operation of 2 pairs fan (4 fans) with a module.
Several modules can be cascaded (master/slave).
Control of the fan speeds and directions as well as the recovery.
Manually adjust the fan speed or switch inputs via KNX telegrams.
Adjustment of fan power and heat recovery for the following sizes:
– Relative humidity inside) for moisture removal
– Humidity absolute (inside/outside) for basement drying
– Temperature (inside) for building protection temperature (inside/outside) to optimize heat recovery.
– Temperature (inside/outside/target) for HVAC support.
– CO2 concentration.
The variables of temperature (inside/outside), air humidity and CO2 concentration must be provided by other KNX components
Supply air to support separate exhaust devices extraction mode.
Cable resistance compensation possible (with long cable lengths).
Operating in the HVAC mode to KNX standard operating modes:
temperature protection
shock airing

Automatic filter change indicator.

All KNX products can be found on page 8 of the current price list.

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