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Weinzierl Engineering Offers EIB/KNX USB Adapter for RS232

Most modern computers, especially laptops, do not provide a serial port, rather they have a USB (Universal Serial Bus) socket.

For existing EIB-RS232 interfaces, the Weinzierl EIB/KNX-USB adapter for RS232 allows you to connect to an EIB installation over USB, thus avoiding the need to change existing interfaces in future. The adapter can be plugged into an existing RS232 interface on a DIN rail.

The EIB/KNX-USB adapter for RS232 is compatible with ETS3 or later.

Mechanical data
Housing: plastic
Dimensions (L x W x T) : 78 x 45 x 18mm

Power supply
Over USB by connected PC/Laptop
Power consumption: <200mW Connectors
RS232: 9 pin Sub-D connector (male), to be plugged directly to RS232 interface
USB connector type B .
Wire length max. 5m

ETS (Engineering Tool Software) ETS3 or later

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