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Berker Offers R-Series KNX Touch Sensors for Home Automation Systems

The design of the R-series distinguishes itself from other designs by simple, bold shapes and quality materials. The rounded contours and round central parts precautions for design R.1 line for a very contemporary and sympathetic look. Unlike R.3 design line which is an exciting contrast of strong tight contours with round central parts characteristic.
In line with this new design series comes with Berker KNX touch sensors that fit perfectly here. The easy operation with light touch is enough to operate. Switch, push, dimmer, shutter functions or stored scenes Up to eight functions are hidden behind the pure black or polar white glass surface, which can be provided with an individual inscription if desired.

Suitable for KNX home automation systems
Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4, or 2-fold and 3-fold in combination with thermostat control
Electronics directly on the back of the glass allows for increased circuit reliability
Operating status and switching states can be signaled by LEDs
Full glass surface with screwless mounting
Lettering on the back, thus perfectly protected
With integrated KNX bus coupler
Applicable in standard duo-mounting box
Versions with thermostat require an additional 24 V supply
Forming and lettering concept in three variants:
Base: extradition without inscription and symbols
Customized: solid symbols, colors and markings with the online configurator selectable. Note: Configuration of order not modifiable
We produce individual design with free choice of markings, colours and symbols.

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