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Weinzierl Adds KNX ENO EnOcean Gateways and KNX USB Interface Board to its Line-Up

Weinzierl, the internationally successful KNX specialist from Bavaria completes its range of system devices for KNX:

– With the new KNX ENO EnOcean gateways 630 and 632, Weinzierl complements its portfolio with two cheaper models.

– And the innovative technology of a KNX USB interface is now available as a compact built-in module the size of a chewing gum stick in the form of the KNX USB interface board 330.

The gateway family is complete with the KNX Gateway EnOcean 630 and 632 giving the “big” Gateway 634 two smaller “siblings”. The affordable model 630 is unidirectional, the Model 632 operates as the Model 634 bi-directional. Based on a new platform not only sensor values ​​from EnOcean to KNX can now be transferred, but also from EnOcean KNX actuators are controlled. In addition, the device have different logic and control functions. The configuration of the three gateways using the ETS, for teaching the EnOcean devices, the devices have a graphical display. Power is supplied via the bus.

The KNX USB interface board 330 is used to connect embedded devices to the KNX bus. The compact module is characterized by its very small dimensions of 63 x 17 x 7.7 mm (L x W x D). It can thus be easily integrated into an existing system, such as an industrial PC or a touch panel. The USB connection is galvanically isolated from the KNX bus. The interface is compatible with ETS3 and ETS4. For the integration of the interface in your own programs, a free SDK for Windows and Linux is available with Weinzierl kdrive express.

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