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tci Offers amena70-KNX 7-Inch Touch Panel with Integrated Visualisation

The amena70-KNX is a 7″ touch panel for building automation. tci offers a cost-effective solution to equip KNX installations with a graphical user interface. Without additional engineering effort, the parameterization of the visualization is done directly with the ETS software. The visualization and user interface is created automatically when loading the configuration to the touch panel. This works without any special software – without training and without additional project costs. If the customer decides at a later time to have an individual surface, the automatically generated visualization can be adapted by an editor. Mobile apps for Android and iOS enable users to operate via smart phone or tablet with the same “look and feel”. The assembly of the touch panel is done in the wall with the tci in-wall box or optionally in front of the wall in a standard flush-mounted box. The configuration is stored completely in the touch panel. The consistency between ETS project and visualization is thereby permanently ensured.


-Direct KNX connection
-Visualisation is parametrised directly with the ETS software
-Coexistence of touch panel and smartphone, gateway integrated in amena70-KNX
-Installation via UPG

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