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Vesternet Brings Zipato Zipabox Z-Wave/ZigBee/KNX Home Automation Solution to the UK

Home automation specialists Vesternet announce partnership with Croation company Zipato to bring innovative all-in-one home automation solution to the UK market for the first time at an affordable price

UK home automation specialists, Vesternet, have today announced a partnership with Croatian company Zipato that brings the cutting edge Zipabox to the UK for the first time. Zipabox is an all-in-one next generation central gateway controller that will enable users to remotely control lighting, heating, security, air-conditioning and home entertainment systems using a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Zipabox automatically monitors all devices to which it is connected and will send the user alerts in the event of an electrical fault, leak, flood or forced entry. Zipabox was conceived with the user in mind and as such, the device is purportedly very easy to use, having been described in a short review by Automated Home as ‘simple [and] reliable’ with ‘unlimited upgrade possibilities’.

In another longer review, the same website also praised Zipabox for its low price of £170, which ‘in terms of bang per buck is pretty hard to beat’.

Zipabox offers hands-free lighting through motion sensors that turn on lights when a person enters a room and off when they exit. Perhaps most surprisingly, the device – despite its dedication to luxury – can also help users to be more frugal. For example, setting the lighting to 80% could lower the electricity bills while remaining imperceptible to human eyes. Vesternet founder Dave Bell said, ‘we are delighted to have formed this mutually beneficial partnership with Zipato, which has not only allowed us to continue our dedication to innovative home automation technology, but will also bring the ground-breaking Zipato products to a deservedly wider audience’.

Zipabox supports Z-Wave technology out of the box but may be expanded to support ZigBee and KNX technologies and its remote capabilities allow users to control devices in their homes from anywhere in the world. Its advanced timers and motion sensors provide an unprecedented mixture of comfort, luxury and practicality at an affordable price.

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