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Zennio Releases New KNX-USB Interface for Connection Between PC and KNX Bus

We have just released the new KNX-USB interface, model ZN1SY-USBP, that will help you in your projects for the connection between the PC and the devices of the KNX bus.

The new device will allow you to interact bi-directionally with different devices of your installation, which are connected to the bus, and perform different tasks such as:

– Perform downloads (address, parameters, application programs …) on devices.
– Carry out diagnostics on the bus.
– Check the connection and data transfer bi-directionally.

In addition, the device has the following outstanding features:

– USB 2.0 compatibility.
– LED status indicators BUS/USB.
– Low current consumption.
– Support long messages (up to 228 bytes).
– Electrical insulation in the bus connection.
– DIN rail unit assembly (EN 50022), with snap fit clamp.
– Size 90 x 36 x 71mm.
– KNX BCU integrated.
– CE directives compliant.

Zennio KNX interface will allow you in an easy manner to program, implement, and maintain in full your installations from your PC.

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