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AZhome Uses iSimplex Products for KNX Automation Project at CasaCor 2013

The iSimplex products were chosen to manage the Joia Bergamo’s house home automation at CasaCor 2013, the biggest architecture and decoration event of America, which will occur from May 28 to July 21, 2013 at the Jockey Club in Sao Paulo.

The company AZhome, responsible for the KNX automation project, security and renewable energy, had no doubt in choosing the iSimplex products to be the “brain” of the Joia Bergamo’s house home automation solution, withi the purpose of “making the future become present!”. The AZhome company CEO, Eng. Junior Miranda, said “iSimplex is the most complete solution of the home automation market and allows a perfect connection between automation, energy management, entertainment and security”.

CasaCor, is an exhibition of architecture, decoration and American landscaping, presenting innovation in its 27th edition, taking place from May 28 to July 21, at the Jockey Club, Sao Paulo. The exhibition has a team of renowned professionals, exploring the concept of “Living Well”, to surprise the audience that is aware of CasaCor success, throughout its 26 years existence.

About AZhome

AZhome is a Brazilian home automation company, which provides personalized support to its clients, using high tech solutions to put simple and customized solutions at your fingertips, providing a unique experience to each client.

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