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Intesis Offers IntesisBox Bidirectional KNX to EnOcean Gateway

IntesisBox® IBOX-KNX-ENO-A1 / A1C allows monitoring and control, fully bi-directionally, of all the functioning parameters of EnOcean devices from KNX installations.

* Small dimensions, fully bidirectional.
* External power not required. Supplied through KNX bus.
* Supporting up to 253 KNX communication objects.
* Up to 32 simultaneous channels and up to 5 devices per channel.
* Fast and easy integration with IntesisBox EnOcean gateways for air conditioning.
* Logical functions already implemented for some devices (e.g., AND and OR gates for Window Contact).
* Easy way to add new EnOcean devices by using a XML file.
* Intuitive and easy setup by using an ETS plugin with no need of any external software.
* EnOcean devices quality signal reception shown in LCD.
* Internal LCD to manually add/remove EnOcean devices if needed.

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