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Zennio Announces KES 2.0 for energy consumption monitoring

Zennio has announced that the new version of the application programs for KES (KNX Energy Saver) devices to measure the energy consumption of single-phase installations (KES 3xSingle-Phase 2.0), as well as three-phase installations (KES 1xThree-Phase 2.0), are both already available to download at Zennio website.

These program versions include a new algorithm to calculate the energy consumption and allow KES to be used, not only in installations with sine waveform, but also in installations with elements that modify the waveform, such as dimmers, fluorescent lights, etc.

KES allows measuring and sharing data through KNX bus, for energy consumption of homes, buildings, or hotels in terms of:
– Active energy consumption (kWh).
– Cost of energy consumption: up to 4 tariffs in local currency.
– CO2 emissions due to generation of the consumed energy (kgCO2).
– Average energy consumption (kWh).
– Estimates of daily energy consumption (kWh).
– Detected instantaneous power peaks (kW).
– Overconsumption and low consumption alarms based on the established instantaneous power limits.

By Using KES to monitor such information about energy consumption on displays, it is possible to evaluate how to optimise energy efficiency of installations and change the installation itself and/or user’s habits.

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