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Elbex Technologies Joins KNX Association

Elbex Technologies is the official daughter company of the Elbex Holding, mainly active for distribution in the Benelux, as well as worldwide service for the group. Elbex Technologies is a part of the Elbex Japan group who has been developing for the past 10 years a Residential Automation Optic System which is based on using Polymer Optic Fiber cable to transmit various commands. The Elbex System also provides detailed Consumption Report from every electrical switch and socket. Elbex Technologies plans to provide compatible gateways for the Elbex System to be also controlled by KNX controllers. Elbex Technologies is specialized in the production and distribution of advanced audio and video technologies in the world of security, processing and video-interphone systems with integrated home automation. Elbex Technologies is a dynamic company with young employees who are very driven.

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