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Theben Universal Dimmer Voted KNX Product of the Year by KNX UK Association

The KNX UK Association members have once again chosen a Theben design as Product of the Year. The winner for 2012, announced last month [March] at the KNX Association 2013 AGM was the Theben Universal Dimming Actuator. At the same meeting, Stephen Payne, UK Sales Manager for the Theben KNX range was voted KNX Champion of the Year.

This is a hat trick for Theben. The Association members voted for the AMUN 716 air quality sensor, which measures CO2, temperature and humidity for 2009, and for 2011 they chose the PresenceLight 360° ceiling-mounted presence detector as Product of the Year.

Theben’s Universal Dimming Actuator has solved the problem of designing LED lighting systems in a world where there is no agreed standard for LED drivers. It leaves designers free to choose lighting from any manufacturer, mixing and matching to build the best solution for each application which is, after all, the core principle and purpose of the KNX open protocol in the first place.

The Universal Dimming Actuator DMG 2 T KNX is part of Theben’s successful MIX range of actuators and controllers for switching, dimming and heating control. The MIX range is a series of devices, consisting of a base unit and up to two extension modules make it easier and more cost-effective to control multiple channels. Two, four or six channels of dimming can be configured per device group and there is also the option to add booster units (DMB 1 T) for higher loads.

A useful feature is that, at the time of installation, dimming can be manually tested using push buttons on the front of the device before the KNX bus is connected.

The new Theben dimmer, has already been successfully installed in a number of UK sites and been tested with many leading UK suppliers of LED lights. Theben’s VDE approved in house testing facilities test new lights as they become available. Theben are happy to check proposed lights before systems designers commit to a project, and lighting engineers are welcome to contact the English-speaking helpdesk at Theben AG.

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