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Siemens Offers ACS Software for HVAC Offline Engineering

With ACS790 V9.0, the Siemens Building Technologies Division introduces a new version of its engineering and commissioning tool for HVAC plants. For the first time, version 9.0 supports the offline engineering of HVAC plants. Extensive preparations in the office significantly reduce the amount of work installers must perform at the construction site, allowing commissioning to be completed quickly and efficiently. This increases the quality of engineering and commissioning and substantially shortens the time required.

ACS790 9.0 enables project engineers, installers and service technicians to configure and commission HVAC plants quickly and efficiently. With the help of an integrated device library, new plant topologies can be generated offline. The necessary device configurations are also performed offline. The resulting plant file is written to the plant during commissioning. Running a wiring test, performing a backup and generating a log completes the commissioning process.

A guided workflow leads users through the individual steps of the plant engineering and commissioning process. This saves time since unnecessary operations are avoided automatically. The software also has an integrated error warning function that identifies incorrect and technically impossible settings.

Combined with the HIT software tool for HVAC application selection and the OZW web server for web operation, ACS790 enables a consistent workflow from offering, engineering and commissioning to the ongoing operation of an HVAC plant.

ACS790 Version 9 is compatible with all commercially available PCs and laptops running the Windows operating system. The software supports the communications-enabled controllers in the Synco, Synco living, Sigmagyr and Albatros lines as well as communications-enabled RV.. heating controllers and room thermostats. It works with the KNX, LPB and M-Bus systems.

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