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controLED Announces proServ ETS3/ETS4 Controller Application

proServ – The world’s first controller that is configured using ONLY the ETS

Following the successful launch of the V2 and V3, we are proud to present to you our new “proServ”.
Same app, same “look and feel”, completely different approach and programming.

Up to now you always had to import and configure the ETS application and then subsequently configure the actual free-of-charge app (“iKNiX” or “iKNiX HD”) on our web portal in the cloud. This second step is no longer necessary when using “proServ”. How can that be? It’s simple!

Our “proServ” ETS3/ETS4 Application is simply imported into the new or existing ETS project. Within the parameters you can then activate up to 18 rooms, which can then again have up to 16 objects such as lights, blinds, status messages, etc., and always 5 light scenes as well as a room temperature controller.

You can create up to 4 user profiles protected with passwords.

Once a room is equipped with at least one object, the communication objects appear in our ETS application, which then in turn must be linked with the corresponding group addresses. That’s it!

After programming the “proServ” our app automatically finds the “proServ” on the local area network (LAN) and the configuration is downloaded in seconds from the “proServ” to the mobile device. This procedure is only performed once, then all the information in stored on the mobile device, so the user does not have to download every time he or she connects to the system.

We currently support: iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and – NEW – all Android smart phones and tablets with ICS or higher.

Up to 10 users can log on to a single “proServ” at the SAME time and actively control everything on their KNX network. The “proServ” can also be used as a full-featured KNX programming gateway, of course.

Furthermore, you can also use the “KNiX V3+ rtidriver 1.1” from our download section to integrate the “proServ” into any RTI project where you can either send commands into or receive commands from the KNX network. So you can easily integrate any multimedia installation into your KNX project.

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