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Theben KNX Dimmer Actuators Dim LEDs Steplessly

With the new KNX universal dimmer actuators from the MIX2 series from Theben, you can control all current dimmable light elements such as LEDs, halogen lamps and energy saving lamps. Optimised dimming curves provide – according to the particular light element – harmonious, stepless dimming behaviour. Additional dimming curves can be imported via the KNX programming software ETS, thus ensuring optimal dimming behaviour in future too.

Future-proof thanks to upgradeable dimming curves

In practice the different dimming behaviour of various light elements often causes problems. In contrast to the stepless dimming behaviour of earlier light bulbs, with LEDs the brightness only starts increasing too late; with energy saving lamps, on the other hand, the increase at the beginning is too extreme. Theben’s new universal dimming actuators consign this problem to the past. In the ETS various dimming curves are stored that correct the dimming behaviour appropriately depending on the light element used, thus ensuring stepless dimming. Another advantage of the new dimmer actuators is the extensibility of the dimming curves. New dimming curves ‚Äì e.g. for future light elements ‚Äì can be imported via the KNX programming software ETS. With this update capability, KNX dimming actuators ensure your investments are well-protected.

DMG 2 T KNX and DME 2 T KNX dimming actuators

Different pre-programmed dimming curves in the new MIX2 dimming actuators enables continuous variable dimming of lamps from 5 Watt to max. 400 W per channel. With bigger loads, two individual channels, each with max. 400 W, can be switched in parallel to one channel with max. 800 W output via configuration in the ETS. Theben offers the new DMB 1 T KNX dimming booster to increase the output of basic and add-on devices: By parallel switching of the 1 channel booster to the outputs, the power can be extended to 800 W. Alternatively, the outputs of the dimming actuators can be used as control outputs for a maximum of 5 dimming boosters with a maximum 2000 W dimming capacity. Different light scenes can be stored. With their standby consumption of 0.2 W or 0.6 W, boosters and dimming actuators are extremely energy efficient. Set-up is straightforward and function tests can be performed via 4 pushbuttons (25 %, 50 %, 75 % and 100 %) even without the KNX bus being connected. The configured bus module BCU is removable for remote programming.

Variety: MIX2 range combinations

Up to two add-on dimming modules can be connected to the DMG 2 T KNX base module. This increases the number of channels up to a maximum of 6. In accordance with the tried and tested MIX principle from Theben, other add-on devices from the MIX and MIX2 series can also be connected. The MIX2 range thereby offers you enormous flexibility and the potential to make great financial savings.

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