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IMP Announces Availability of the KNX LED Dimmer from Vimar

Vimar, the Italian manufacturer of Decorative Wiring Devices, Automation Systems and KNX certified devices, increases its success and popularity of its KNX certified devices with the introduction of a superior LED Dimmer!

The dimmer, part number #01526, is a KNX certified device aimed at ALL types of lighting loads, but especially useful for LED Lighting with a minimum power requirement of 2W!

Designed to control two individual channels of varying loads and lighting types per channel, the dimmer can control loads from 2W – 500W for 1 channel use, or 300W when both channels are used. This flexibility is ideal for modern installations and the use of LED lighting of most types. In addition the dimmer can control 230V halogen lamps and low voltage halogen lamps connected to electronic or conventional transformers. Feedback from KNX integrators state that “the dimming ramp is flicker free and the lower cut off point is the best they have seen with no sudden drop off point!”.

Other Technical characteristics include:

Supply Voltage: Bus 30V DC SELV
Power Consumption: 4.5W
Output Power: 300W/VA (max 500 if one channel is used).
Minimum Load: 2W
4 DINRAIL modules of 17.5mm
Programmable through ETS software
KNX integrators choice above others due to its linear operation

Download the ETS Databank by clicking here.

For further details on this or any other Vimar product, please contact IMP

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