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KNXtoday Secures 30% Group Discount on Upgrading ETS3/ETS4 to ETS5 Pro

KNXtoday has secured a fantastic group discount for its readers – the KNX Association is prepared to give us a massive 30% reduction on the cost of upgrading ETS3 or ETS4 to ETS5 Professional.

This will reduce the cost of upgrading as follows:

– €245 to upgrade from ETS4 Pro to ETS5 Pro (normal price €300)
– €600 to upgrade from ETS4 Lite to ETS5 Pro (normal price €900)
– €392 to upgrade from ETS3 Pro to ETS5 Pro (normal price €560)
– €672 to upgrade from ETS3 Trainee to ETS5 Pro (normal price €960)

Pricing excludes shipping of dongle.

KNXtoday Secures 30 percent Group Discount

ETS5 Professional

ETS5 is a completely redesigned ETS generation. Besides a new user interface, many new functions have been introduced that further optimise working with KNX, including IT system environment improvements, new ETS App SDKs, support for RF devices, and much more.

How the offer works

This offer is open to any reader, but hurry, as the deal must end 30 June 2019.

To participate, you will need your KNX Login/Customer number from your MyKNX account.

If we get 75 or more registrants, you will be notified in July, and a voucher will be delivered by the KNX Association to your MyKNX account. You will then be asked for payment direct from the KNX Association.

General Conditions

• This offer is for an upgrade to your existing product (a change of license) but you will receive a new dongle.
• VAT for companies within the EU: if you do not have a valid European VAT number, the VAT of the country from which the purchase was made will be applied.
• For the shipment of dongles, shipping fees will be applied according to the country of destination.

To register for this offer complete the following:

First name:
Last name:
E-mail address:
KNX Login/Customer number:

You can help us to get the required 75 or more registrants by spreading the word on your favourite social media.

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