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Atouch Winwel presents KNX IoT premium glass keypads at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona

KNX ecosystem is debuting new products with IoT technology in World IoT Congress in Fira Barcelona from 21-23 of May.

Atouch Winwel is presenting the first IoT premium glass keypad with wall actuator (on/off, shutter and later dimming capabilities).

Only two months after debuting its KNX range of glass keypads in Frankfurt’s Light + Building 2024, Atouch joined Cascoda and brought KNX IoT to its keypads with wall actuators, this is a bold and first mover attitude in bringing simple refurbishment or no TP addon to KNX installations. A fully working demonstration panel will be available to touch and feel how easy the product is, with the market launch of the devices expected in late 3Q of 2024.  

The usage of the KNX IoT will bring attributes such as:

 – KNX IoT uses latest KNX Secure;  

– Mesh and external antenna guarantee connectivity even in the toughest installations;

– 110-230VAC direct power supply making it easy to upgrade to KNX without needing to pass cables;

– Seamless interoperability with all other KNX infrastructure such as twisted pair (TP) installations;

– all the advantages and ease of usage of ETS such as cross brand functionalities (available in ETS 6.2 or higher);

– IPV6 via 2.4Ghz means state of art technology and not using possibly restricted radio low frequency.

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