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Light + Building 2024 Show Report: KNX Members on the KNX stand

Yasmin Hashmi provides highlights from the KNX members exhibiting on the main KNX Association stand at Light + Building 2024.

Light + Building, the leading international biennial trade fair for lighting and building services technology, took place from 3 – 8 March 2024 at the Frankfurt Messe, Germany. KNX Association had a huge presence at the show, including a main stand that featured display panels from 26 members.

This article gives a summary of each of those panels.


Accordia was showing its range of one- and two-pair KNX cables that use FlameSmart technology and are certified up to CPR class B2ca s1,d1,a1. The cables are available in classic green, as well as in white. In addition, a black all-weather version for outdoor use is also available that increases resistance to UV sunlight and moisture.


The focus for Airzone was on being able to integrate any heating or cooling source, such as air pumps, UFH, radiators, fan coil units etc, into KNX, with zoning or individual control. The demonstration used gateways for zoning and the Airzone Aidoo interface for controlling individual units from up to 100 brands. The system can be used with any KNX user interface.


Anlips featured the HEI Intelligent Core Engine for multiprotocol control of commercial and residential buildings using KNX, DALI or RS485. HEI can be used with an Anlips touchpanel or Apple HomeKit. Also on show was the J1 Intelligent Core Engine that supports, KNX, DALI, DALI2, Matter, BLEmesh and RS485.


Aruba was offering Instant On for small and home businesses who lack IT support and require

reliable, secure, IP communication across IoT devices within smart homes and buildings. Instant On is designed to provide rapid, secure Wi-Fi 6, smart mesh coverage, and connectivity for KNX devices, alongside seamless PoS system integration. It also offers energy-saving features, hassle-free setup and smartphone management with no license fees.


For industrial and commercial applications, Berghof presented PLCs (programmable Logic Controllers) with an integrated touchscreen display, that are programmable using CODESYS and which can integrate various protocols. All products have a web server for display using a web panel. The company is also increasingly working with AI.


For niche projects, Can’nX was offering 3 additions to its existing 3 solutions, namely Kloudn’X, Speak’nx and Pool’nx. Infini’nX is a switch module that supports rotary and pushbutton actions. Emergy’nX provides energy management and optimisation using AI learning of household behaviour, Link’nX allows multiple brands in the IoT to be connected in an easy way via IP.


Using IP6-based low-power wireless mesh networks (Thread), Cascoda provided a live demonstration of KNX IoT products interoperating, including air quality sensors, actuators and controllers. All were powered by batteries that last for more than 5 years. Also on show was a KNX IoT hub that allows KNX Classic and KNX IoT devices to be mixed, with configuration using ETS6.


ComfortClick was showing KNX software and multiprotocol servers for building automation, with support for Matter, MQTT, HomeKit and KNX IoT under development. The company has released the Bobcat 10” wall panel with visualisation, and the ComfortClick Remote for ETS programming remotely using the ComfortClick client.


Eelectron presented its new KNX Data Secure laser-engravable OLU range of touchpanels. Available in metal, fenix and plastic finishes. Behind the faceplate are 8 buttons that can be configured for up to 16 functions, plus there is a swipe bar which recognises various gestures including fast and slow, left and right swipes, double tapping and a central slap. Temperature, CO2 and humidity sensors can also be incorporated.

Future KNX

Among the many switches on show from Future KNX were Mondrian-style pushbuttons, and stone buttons. The switches are totally modular and can be configured via the Future KNX website. Also on show were touchpanels and an IoT Bluetooth gateway for controlling KNX devices via mobile phone or the Future KNX Bluetooth remote.


New from Iluxus were 1- 4-gang KNX switches with RGB lights and brass finishes, KNX touch buttons, a dimmer knob that can be rotated and pressed, and a new user interface for the Iluxus flushmount touchpanel. Also on show was a modular system with power socket; 8, 12 and 16 channel actuators; and a customisable door entry system.


Interra showcased just some of its wide range of KNX products that are user facing and panel-based. These included touch displays and panels in a range of sizes, switches, sensors, and gateways for various applications.


Iridi was showing its automation platform for residential and commercial markets. This offers a flexible user interface that can be customised and used on any tablet, or the Iridi touchpanel range, and support for 60 other protocols in addition to KNX. The company was also showing controllers, switches, sockets, multi-sensors and a new remote control.


New KNX member LePlan, presented the LePlan AI-powered software tool for automating the detailed design of KNX control cabinets. Designed to eliminate the need for ECAD licences, using a simple online form, it provides automated technical and documentation design, including a market agnostic bill of materials and line diagrams.


For ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) applications, Letour offered power supplies and actuators, including multifunction versions for dimming, switching and shutter control etc. Also on show were pushbuttons, 4” and 10” touchpanels, and wireless switches powered via the KNX cable.


Makel offered a choice of products for the KNX cabinet, including a 16-channel relay module that is just 6U wide. Also on show were sensors, touch keypads in various finishes, and a touchscreen with two Ethernet ports; one for the building network and the other for the customer modem. For GRMS (Guest Room Management Systems) applications, the company offered modular solutions with power sockets, and a door entry/make up room unit.


Meanwell focussed on power supply products, including constant-voltage and constant current LED drivers with integrated KNX control that support up to 128 dimming scenes in one device. Also on show was a universal dimming actuator and DALI2 gateways.


myGekko presented its Nova multiprotocol software for plug and play connection of devices. It uses a touchscreen with visualisation that can control the entire house, and can be used online or offline. It also includes an Energy Manager for monitoring and optimisation.

Schneider Electric

Whilst Schneider Electric has had KNX IP Secure products for some time, it now has updated software to makes its products KNX Data Secure too. Among the products on show was a range of pushbuttons and touch displays, including the new 4” MiniTouch frameless, and a KNX switch with dynamic labelling. The company was also showing hybrid KNX/Zigbee control using its Wiser for KNX controllers, as well as a KNX IP Secure Spacelogic BMS gateway, all of which is configurable using the Schneider Electric eConfigure tool.


Seawin showed a range of switches, touchscreens, pushbuttons, sensors, thermostats, gateways and actuators, including its new 9-channel ME0916 Energy Management Actuator designed to provide easy control and monitoring for smart energy saving.


Simlab was demonstrating the Sim-On system integrating KNX with NETx (multiprotocol), Schneider Electric, Smart Things, Fibaro and Nice products. It also showed its Digital Twin Experience. This requires a 360 degree scan of a building from a scanner such as the Matterport one, and can then provide a visual representation and control of all of the physical devices, and create a calendar of non-physical assets such as manuals.

Snap One

Snap One was demonstrating the integration of A/V, lighting and blinds, HVAC, security, power management and networking solutions with the Control4 home automation platform using KNX native products, as well as gateways. The company also presented new UI features of the Control4 Halo and Halo Touch remotes, the latest CORE controllers, Vibrant Linear Lighting with colour control and OvrC integration for remote system configuration and maintenance.


Tantron focussed on KNX touchscreens in 2.6”, 4”, 6”and 10” versions.  It also offered a panel that accommodates a touchpanel or switches and a rotary wheel. The larger Android-based touchpanels also support SIP intercom, a built-in web server with mobile app, and music player functions. Also on show was a multifunction actuator for control of window treatments, fancoils, switches, dimming and binary inputs.

Atouch Winwell

Atouch Winwell demonstrated its Atouch touchpanels in a range of standard and custom finishes, and integrated temperature sensor. The Atouch is very tactile, supporting sliding gestures in all directions, as well as short and long presses, and a palm press. Also on show were panels with a central OLED display, and a dedicated thermostat.


Xxter presented three products, namely the Xxter Visualisation Server that is available on numerous patforms; the Parrot voice control bridge that supports Alexa, Google Assistant, Matter and Apple HomeKit; and the Smart Energy Manager which monitors and optimises energy for savings up to 30%.


Xyte was showing the Xyte Device Cloud. This is a cloud platform for hardware manufacturers/suppliers to ‘cloudify’ their devices and turn them into a service using subscription-based models, for example, a remote monitoring service.

Shorter video summaries of the display panels can also be found here.

Yasmin Hashmi is the Editor of KNXtoday magazine.

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