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Light + Building 2024 Show Report: highlights from the larger stands

Yasmin Hashmi looks at a selection of KNX member stands located throughout the building automation halls, and gives some highlights of what was new.

Light + Building, the leading international biennial trade fair for lighting and building services technology, took place from 3 – 8 March 2024 at the Frankfurt Messe, Germany. With a tag line of ‘Be electrified’, this year’s show played host to over 2100 exhibitors and received more than 151,000 visitors.

Last month, we looked at the KNX Association presence at the show. This month our focus is on some of the stands of KNX members. This article focusses on a selection of the larger stands throughout the building automation halls, and gives some highlights of what each had to offer.

One of the larger stands promoting KNX at Light + Building 2024, Schneider Electric also made a welcome effort to portray more inclusivity.


The premise of Light + Building 2024 was that the modern building is intelligent, connected and as a result saves energy. Our visit to the show kicked off with a press conference given by Siemens during which the company was keen to point out its green credentials and carbon footprint reduction. It has introduced the Siemens EcoTech label for certified products which includes a two-page environmental product performance profile. Among its many KNX products on show was the KNX Award-winning TC5 5″ touchpanel; the multiprotocol ConnectBox for energy monitoring and prototypes of KNX IoT devices including a temperature sensor and valve drive. Siemens aims to have KNX IoT as a base technology and integrate its IoT products with the KNX Classic system by 2026.

Global Head of Product Line KNX for Siemens, Robert Zizlsperger, showing intelligent building control of lighting, HVAC, shading and indoor air quality using room devices such as sensors, local actuators, panel-based actuators and the TC5 5″ touchpanel.

Schneider Electric

Joining the classic 20-year-old Schneider multifunction pushbutton were new versions with dynamic labelling and touch displays with swipeable pages. Also on show was the Wiser for KNX server that offers KNX IoT 3rd party API functionality, and the Wiser for KNX app that now supports Apple HomeKit integration with programming using QR codes. For commercial applications, the SpaceLogic KNX product family was on show, which, along with Wiser for KNX is KNX IP Secure and KNX Data Secure. Indeed all Schneider pushbutton controllers will be updated this year to KNX Data Secure.

(L) Schneider SpaceLogic KNX IP Secure and Data Secuer devices, and (R) Schneider Product Application Engineer, Thomas Rohde, showing the Wiser for KNX system.


Jung is known for its switches in a wide choice of Le Corbusier ‘Les Couleurs’ colours, and now the LS1912 toggle switch range is available in 63 colours. Furthermore, with a multi push-button insert and a KNX push-button interface, the LS 1912 can be used a KNX control unit. Also on show were the KNX F10 switch, KNX F40 switch with display, a redesigned KNX F50 and KNX RF pushbuttons.

The Jung LS1912 switch is available in single and double toggle versions


ise was showing three product families. The Smart Connect KNX Remote Access now features the ability to record data points from KNX which can then be used in visualisation as graphs for troubleshooting from anywhere for example. The Smart Connect KNX e-charge II is an energy management module for integrating charging points, and will support integration of solar inverters by the autumn for load management. Whilst the KNX RF Multi media coupler is not really new, it can be used with the new ise KNX RF Multi Radiator Thermostat, and a new KNX RF Multi window handle from BSS.

(L) Example of how the ise Smart Connect KNX e-charge II  can be used, and (R) ise Product Manager Renke Ahlers pointing out the ise KNX RF Multi Radiator Thermostat.


For those requiring a sensor that can detect, count occupants and zone a room, look no further than the magnetically-attached Steinel EO. It is available in black and white and in two sizes, the larger of which supports not only the motion and presence detection, counting, positioning, tracking, and traffic counting of the smaller version, but also fencing, zoning, timing, temperature mapping, noise, CO2, VOC air pressure, humidity and brightness. EO can currently detect up to 10 people, with a capacity for 20 expected soon, and can be used with a Steinel app to create unlimited zones and other functions. KNX support will be implemented this year.

Steinel International Key Account Manager, Christian Wortmann showing the two sizes of EO.


Among the KNX products on show at the Gira stand was a new addition to the System 55 range of pushbutton sensors in the form of the curvier E1. Also new was a variety of different finishes for the range including black matte and a grey granular feel for concrete. For human-centric lighting, Gira is offering the highly-programmable DALI gateway. Meanwhile the Gira S1 server now includes open VPN for other technologies such as telephone. As with other major players in this market, Gira was keen to promote its contribution to reducing environmental impact through switches made of recycled materials and linoleum frames made from natural products. It was interesting too, to see the company conducting a survey on what customers want in terms of KNX working with Matter.

(L) Trainer at the Gira Academy, Lars Kirchhoff, demonstrating the different finishes of Gira switches, and (R) the Gira KNX/Matter survey.


Theben was showing a new mini PIR in the form of the IP55-rated KNX Data Secure thePiccola. It requires a hole of just 36mm, senses motion and brightness, has a temperature sensor, day and night settings and black and white covers. Also on show was the LUXA 103 S360-12 KNX flush-mounted detector with 2 channels of light and 2 channels of presence for HVAC control, which is also available in a corridor version. For retrofit, a new KNX Data Secure System 55 KNX RF actuator module for dimming, switching and blind control was also on show that supports up to 4 pushbuttons and can be used with Gira or Jung frames for example.

The Theben KNX RF actuator module in various versions.


New from ABB was the Busch-art Linear range of switches made from recyclable material, and the Busch RoomTouch 4″ touchpanel with temperature, proximity and brightness sensors, available in black or white. Since ABB acquired Eve Systems, which specialises in Matter and Thread technology, it has made Eve products integrate with KNX, examples of which at the show included the Eve Aqua smart irrigation system, and the Busch RoomTouch 4″ integrating with Eve blind control. Further integration can be had with Eve smart sockets that connect with Apple Homekit and Google Home, whilst the Busch-VoiceControl KNX integrates with Homekit, Alexa and Google Assistant. ABB was also promoting KNX for commercial applications with a demo of solutions for hotel rooms and integration with guest room management systems.

ABB Executive Vice President for Building and Home Automation Solutions, Lucy Han, presenting the Busch-art Linear range of switches.


New from Elsner is the KNX eTR 102 FC KNX thermostat for air conditioning with fan coil units. Available in black and white and hotel versions, the touchpanel supports fan speed control and can be used with many heating and cooling systems via KNX. Also new is a 4-valve irrigation controller that comes with a wi-fi app and optional KNX, and the Fabro KNX IP66-rated freely configurable touchpanel for ‘smart control in tough places.’

(L) The Elsner irrigation controller and, (R) Marketing & Press Relations for Elsner, Rita Buse, demonstrating the KNX eTR 102 FC KNX thermostat for air conditioning with fan coil units.


MDT was celebrating its 40th anniversary and promoting its new customer experiencer centre that will launch in May at its HQ in Engelskirchen, Germany. Among its portfolio of sensors is the Combi Presence Detector 360 that senses VOC, CO2, humidity, temperature and presence, with an optional traffic light system. The company also previewed its fully customisable GTS and GTS plus 6″ touchpanel that is available in black or white, includes a temperature sensor and can be used in landscape or portrait mode. The plus version also includes an audible click and binary inputs. For linking to PV arrays, energy meters, charging station etc, there is also the new RT485 Modbus gateway.

(L) MDT UK Sales Manager, Hitesh Vaghela, showing the new Combi Presence Detector 360, and (R) the new GTS Glass Touch Panel


Tapko presented various devices intended for the control rack, including 1U-wide media couplers, a 2U wide power supply and a modular I/O system that supports up to 32 channels. On the user interface side, the company offered sensors and switches, and a freely-configurable and swipeable LCD panel in a 55mm frame that can be used with its own frames in a range of colours, or with third-party frames from Gira and Jung for example. Also on show were an RF switch and absolutely flat sensors that can be mounted in 55mm wallmount boxes with customisable colours.

Tapko Technologies CEO, Petar Tomic, demonstrating detectors, switches and touchpanels for 55mm frames, available in a wide range of finishes.


Weinzierl showed KNX RF switches and new KNX TP switches for 55mm frames complete with temperature thermostat for heating, cooling and fan coil systems. The TP switch also features blue, red and magenta LEDs and an acoustic signal, so it can be used as an alert or doorbell or lunch bell for example. The KNX Data Secure Weinzierl Media Coupler now supports a segment coupler and Secure proxy that translates between KNX Secure and Classic so it can be placed anywhere, i.e. not necessarily on the KNX backbone.

Weinzierl Engineering CEO, Thomas Weinzierl, demonstrating the new KNX pushbutton interfaces


Offering itself as a ‘one-stop shop’ for commercial, residential and hotel projects, Interra showed  motion and presence sensors, detectors for heat, smoke and floods, a weather station, actuators, servers, gateways, binary I/P modules, a fan coil actuator, and new touchpanels with integrated thermostat and offline AI voice assistant. A half-touch, half-hard-switch prototype was also on display with finishes in metal and plastic, and among the gateways on offer was an IR gateway and a Matter gateway planned for launch in Q2.

Interra Export Sales Director, Nese Celebi showing some of the company’s broad range of KNX products.


HMS was focussing on the Intesis IN701-KNX Series gateway aimed at HVAC applications. It comprises one hardware device that supports multiple protocols including Modbus, ASCII and BACnet, and can be configured using the free Intesis MAP software. The company was also showing a dedicated Modbus to KNX gateway.

HMS Central Sales Representative, Michelle Feller, presenting the Intesis IN701-KNX Series gateway


GVS was showing the KNX Smart Touch S series of touchpanels, including the S3, Z10, S13 and S7 which offers the option to use a rotary knob instead of buttons. The touchpanels feature a new, swipeable user interface that also supports SIP video intercom functions and can be used with a GVS mobile app.

Systems Integrator and Trainer for GVS, Robert Schäfer, showing the SmartTouch series of touchpanels.

Pulsar Engineering

Under new ownership by Gewiss, Pulsar Engineering was showing improved thinknx software for energy monitoring and optimisation, including building management, energy production and e-charging. Various protocols for solar panels are supported, as well as the creation of widgets to integrate solar panel and load control in an easy-to-use interface. Various e-charging protocols are also supported and charging can be done via the thinknx Viavai KNX-based access control.

(L) Pulsar Engineering Export & Sales Manager, Barbara Piccolo, and (R) Executive Managing Direcctor, Lucia Burini, demonstrating the thinknx energy management system.


Zennio presented its Flat series of switches for designers and architects. These can be customised to fit any décor, and include a proximity sensor and icons that light up and which can be designed using Zennio’s web interface. The switch is available in two types; a floor controller and a home controller. The company was also showing external-to-room controllers for hospitality, and a new hospitality user interface for managers that has AI capabilities.

Zennio distributor George Tatsis of e-dreams demonstrating the customisable Flat series of switches.


As the building industry increasingly focusses on sustainability and complete solutions, it was clear from Light + Building 2024 that whatever your project, there are existing or customisable KNX products to suit all of your technical and aesthetic requirements. This article can only give a flavour of the rich variety of solutions available, so it is highly recommended that you visit in person if you can, and put Light + Building 2026, from 8 – 13 March, in your diary!

Yasmin Hashmi is the Editor of KNXtoday magazine.

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