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ISE Show Report Part 2: the KNX stand

Part 2 of this two-part article covers the KNX Association stand at ISE 2024, and what the members exhibiting on it had on offer.

In Part 1, we explained KNX Association’s main messages to the pro-AV and systems integration market at ISE 2024. These were KNX IoTech, cyber security and energy management in one ecosystem. In Part 2, we give a flavour of the actual products KNX members were showing on their display panels on the KNX stand.

The KNX members with display panels on the KNX stand covered the broad range of KNX technology including IoT products.

KNX IoTech

Cascoda demonstrated a KNX IoT ecosystem using ultra-low-power wireless KNX IoT connectivity. This included Infrastructure components such as a hub and mesh-extenders, and devices such as mains/bus-powered LED actuators, a battery-powered air quality multi-sensor, and a separate handheld controller – all configurable with ETS6 and interoperable with existing KNX infrastructure.

The Cascoda KNX IoT battery-powered air quality multi-sensor.

Berghof Automation, showed control technology that is designed to offer comprehensive connectivity based on the open CODESYS standard. This ranged from high-resolution display controls to feature-rich all-in-one PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) with numerous interfaces and a wide variety of I/Os, as well as Berghof Automation’s compact quadcore powerhouses based on Raspberry Pi.

Berghof Automation Product Manager, Achim Machura, demonstrating various gateways for KNX installations.

For those requiring networking for smart spaces, the Aruba Instant On (part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise), was presented as providing speedy, secure and reliable Wi-Fi 6, Smart Mesh, and connectivity for up to 50 devices. The Instant On platform immediately detects and identifies KNX wired and wireless devices using Ethernet standards, and will send SMS or email messages if a KNX/IoT device is disconnected from the network. It has no license fee, offers quick set up and is smartphone-managed.

The Aruba Instant On offering at ISE 2024.

Energy and building management Among the many KNX products on show for energy management was a complete solution from HDL that offers seamless integration between KNX products and the solar panels that it makes. Furthermore, energy production, storage, and consumption can all be managed using the HDL On Pro app.

The HDL On Pro app manages energy production, storage and consumption.

HMS Networks presented the Intesis 700 Series Air HVAC gateway that combines multiple HVAC brands and building automation protocols within the same hardware. This product, which was awarded with the KNX UK product of the year 2023, allows HVAC energy consumption to be estimated and facilitates its integration into building management systems.

The Intesis 700 Series Air HVAC gateway.

Airzone showcased its Aidoo KNX HVAC Controller and KNX Airzone Integration Gateway. The Aidoo KNX HVAC Controller is designed to seamlessly transform any HVAC unit into a KNX device, offering direct connection, 2-way communication, and intact inverter features. The Airzone Integration Gateway is designed to ensure simple integration for comprehensive HVAC solutions, allowing heating and cooling control within KNX systems through a unified interface.

The Airzone display panel featuring the Aidoo HVAC controller.

Among its switches, touchscreens, sensors, gateways and actuators, Seawin, showed its new 9-channel ME0916 Energy Management Actuator designed to provide easy control and monitoring for smart energy saving.

The Seawin offer at the KNX stand, including the ME0916 Energy Management Actuator.

Theben was showing products that allow the custom installer to complement inspiring AV with ultimate functionality in the home. Highlights included RF flush-fitting single-channel DALI control with RGB and HCL functions, as well as heating and blinds actuators. Also on show were compact power supplies, dimming and heating control.

The Theben panel on the KNX stand.

Building management and visualisation

On the IT GmbH display panel was the Elvis 3 building management system. This software for visualisation and automation of buildings and plants provides control and the ability to regulate and monitor the plant states. Typical applications include fault and alarm messages, energy monitoring, energy efficiency and security. The company also showed the latest features of its ETS app and KNX tools, which simplify the planning and maintenance of KNX systems.

Developer at IT GmbH, Niko Passman presenting KNX tools, ETS apps and the Elvis 3 building management system.

Q-SYS demonstrated its new KNX-IP certified plugin. This enables building management integration via sensor- and other KNX-provided control data into Q-SYS, and facilitates easy integration into an AV project. By connecting to the KNX interface over UDP, users can monitor the status of the interface and connected devices, view interface information, and control or automate KNX devices.

David Conus, CEO and Founder of ControlDesign, who developed the KNX-IP plugin in partnership with Q-SYS, demonstrating the plug-in (R) at ISE 2024.

Among the products on offer from Iridi were the KNX Visualization pro for creating custom interfaces to control KNX from iOS, Android, Windows and OS X;  the KNX Home Server Controller with an app (iOS, Android, Windows) to create a KNX Smart home in one day; and the KNX Integration Server for integrating protocols, setting any logic and creating custom designs.

The Iridi panel at the KNX stand.

Control panels

On the user-interface side of things, Eelectron presented a new range of devices called OL-U, consisting of mechanical buttons and thermostats with a capacitive RGB bar for added features and gestures such as the patented swiper function. Examples of the Eelectron portfolio that focussed on KNX secure solutions were also on show.

(L) Team Eelectron at the KNX stand and (R) an example of an OL-U user interface with thermostat, mechanical buttons and the capacitive RGB bar.

Interra Technology introduced several KNX touchpanels. These included the 4-inch Interra iX3 for versatile lighting, music, and thermostat control; the 10-inch Interra iX10 featuring a sleek design, cloud-based mobile access, and seamless integration; and the 4-inch Interra iX4 with a black-and-white aesthetic, ETS configuration, and up to 128 control points for various functions, including lighting, music, and timed scenes.

(L-R) The Interra iX3, iX10 and iX4 touchpanels.

All-in-one smart home solutions in the form of three different control panels were presented by PEAKnx. This comprised  8″, 11.6″ and 18.5″ versions, each of which has its own KNX interface and acts as a server, IP router, and internal intercom system. Additionally, the company’s Home Automation Server made its debut. All devices come equipped with the in-house-developed YOUVI visualisation, which includes an app.

PEAKnx Managing Director, Lorenz Rohrmann, and Head of Sales, Andreas Ramos showing the Controlpro, Control 12 and Controlmicro panels, as well as the Home Automation Server and YOUVI visualisation.

Tantron showed a multifunction actuator and a number of touchscreens, including its new TTG Hera 6-inch touchscreen that features an ultrathin 7mm frame made of aluminium. The TTG Hera is based on the Android OS, has a built-in web server and mobile app, and supports intercom and music player functions.

Tantron Group Sales Manager, Veronica Cai, presenting the Tantron offering including (R) the new TTG Hera 6″ touchpanel.


On the MDT display panel were high-quality KNX actuators and sensors for simple energy-saving solutions. The company demonstrated practical solutions for HVAC with heating actuators and room temperature controllers, sun position-dependent shading with the shutter actuator Shutter Push-button Smart and optimised lighting control with switch actuators and the glass push-button II Smart.

(L-R) Team MDT comprising CEO Roger Karner, Directeur France Manuel Romera, Sales Director Spain & Portugal Fátima Poblador, and Head of Sales International Axel Kaiser; plus the range of MDT actuators and sensors on show.

A new actuator series with 6 unit width from Weinzierl was on show, featuring a central power input for all channels that allows quick and clear wiring, as well as monitoring of the mains voltage. The KNX switching actuator 512 offers 12 relay outputs, which are optimised for the requirements of LED lights in particular. To avoid current peaks, it switches at zero crossing, and also supports a time-shifted switch when switching on multiple channels in parallel. The KNX blind actuator 522 offers 6 channels for controlling blinds, shutters or other drives with mains voltage, and the outputs are each electrically interlocked against double current output.

(From top left, clockwise) Weinzierl Engineering’s Dr. Thomas Weinzierl, Florian Häusl and Dr. Yuriy Kyselytsya; KNX Association CEO Heinz Lux; and Weinzierl Engineering’s Artur Bäcker at the Weinzierl panel that featured actuators including (R) the KNX switching actuator 512.


The backbone of any wired KNX installation is KNX TP (Twisted Pair) cable, and this is what

Accordia had on show in the form of a full range of TP1 KNX-certified cables. All two-pair cables are stranded to a star quad for minimum crosstalk, with a small lay length for improved EMC, and each type is CPR certified up to Euroclass B2ca-s1, d1, a1. For outdoor use there is also an all-weather version.

Accordia Operations Manager, Evgenia Milopoulou, presenting TP1 KNX-certified cables.


ISE 2024 provided a positive environment for networking and collaboration within the AV and smart building industry. The KNX ecosystem and the broad range of KNX products on show, coupled with the high quality of visitors, contributed to a vibrant event. The KNX presence at ISE is always significant, and shows the Association’s commitment to the pro-AV and systems integration community as KNX becomes synonymous with reliable, robust and secure home and building control.

ISE returns to Barcelona 4 – 7 February 2025.

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