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Ningbo Xinghong Intelligent Technology joins the KNX Association

Xinghong Intelligent is an intelligent technology company with a professional research and development team, sales team, and modern chemical factory. The company currently has over 100 patents, copyrights, and technical honours, and its applications involve fields such as homes, hotels, schools, offices, and commercial complexes.

Xinghong Group also has many engineering and home decoration project cases, such as the low current intelligent project of the Hilton Hotel in Dongqianhu, Ningbo Institute of Engineering, and the energy-saving and emission reduction project of Henan Normal University.

At the same time, the company is also a strategic partner of the Bull Group and became an intelligent supplier of Huawei Shenzhen Glory Building in 2020. It involves various intelligent fields such as smart homes, smart buildings, and smart communities.

The company has nearly 200 dealers and agents nationwide.

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