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Reçber Kablo joins the KNX Association

Reçber Cable Company made its debut as a power cable manufacturer in 1984. The Company began to manufacture coaxial cables in 1999 and soon ranked as one of the leading companies in the low voltage market.

Besides the coaxial range, the company also manufactures cables for data and LAN, audio and video, camera, communication (telephone), alarm, fire alarm, signal and control applications, as well as customised cables.

Thanks to the pioneering investment in the data and LAN range in 2008, the company began to manufacture high-frequency LAN cables in 2016, and achieved a top rank among distinguished European manufacturers.

Relying upon its 33 years of experience, Reçber never compromises its supreme quality offered to customers and consistently creates a distinction and superior prestige in overseas markets thanks to its pioneering investments.

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