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Theben opens one of Europe’s most modern detector laboratories

Precise, repeatable measurements in a standardised environment: this is what Theben AG’s new “sensLAB” detector laboratory offers at the company’s headquarters in Haigerloch. From February, the laboratory with its extensive measuring equipment will go into full operation. In the future, the company will be able to quickly and independently test its own product developments from the group of passive infrared detectors (PIR). “Shorter development times and rapid feedback on even small changes in the product were the decisive factors for building our own measurement laboratory,” reports Robertino Saupp, Head of Business Unit Detection & Lighting. “We can also take samples for quality control from production on a regular basis.”

Testing with dummies

The equipment of the laboratory enables both the measurement of radial and tangential movements and the detection of sedentary activities (presence measurements) of PIR detectors to prove their detection range. The environmental conditions, such as the expected climatic conditions at the place of use, can be simulated precisely. Humans are replaced by dummies in the measurement series. They correspond to a 75 kg heavy and 1.75 m tall human being. In addition to the defined ambient temperature, body heat is also simulated. In three different sizes, they simulate different mounting heights in the ratio 1:1, 1:2 and 1:5. A special dummy for smaller movements demonstrates the sensitivity of presence detectors with a “waving” arm and a 90° turn.

Measurement series created according to the sensNORM

In order to exclude measurement errors and to obtain reliable data, each measurement is repeated three times. The standardised measurements are carried out according to the specifications of the sensNORM. In this way, planners benefit from the improved comparability of different products. For projects with special requirements, such as particularly high ambient temperatures, Theben AG can present its customers with series of measurements for the respective scenarios and thus prove the functionality of the products. The automatic measurement series in the new laboratory replace the time-consuming and labour-intensive manual measurements with recording based on a chessboard pattern. Now entire series of measurements can be created and evaluated overnight. The service is not only for internal use.

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