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Q-SYS joins the KNX Association

Q-SYS OS is a software-based foundation for audio, video and control.

Q-SYS OS runs on Q-SYS Cores. Flexible, scalable and performance driven, the OS was designed using industry-standard principles and mission-critical technologies. Q-SYS OS includes a robust audio engine, video engine and control engine providing processing at the software layer, with a robust OS administrative layer that operates holistically, rather than requiring an integrator to spend time separately programming and integrating audio, video and control/automation.

Q-SYS plugins are small programs for integrating additional functionality in Q-SYS designs. These pieces, written in Lua, are saved in a file with the qplug extension. Q-SYS plans to develop a Q-SYS KNX gateway plugin to enable Q-SYS OS integration.

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