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SIEGENIA-AUBI joins the KNX Association

The SIEGENIA GROUP develops solutions that bring spaces to life. With an innovative and wide ranging product portfolio for modern window systems, door systems and comfort systems.

KFV Karl Fliether GmbH & Co KG covers the entire field of modern locking systems for doors.

The complete range is rounded off by SIEGENIA-AUBI Sicherheits-Service GmbH: with products and services concerning burglary protection and window repair.

The prospect of new room comfort is the theme of the future. We need the past to be able to design both sensibly and responsibly. SIEGENIA because tradition is the ideal basis for sustainable innovation. Even if we didn’t call it ‘room comfort’ before, we have been working on this for over 100 years.

To make the future of living more intuitive, we are turning the smart adjustment screws even further for room comfort, with drives, ventilation units and sensors that offer more than just interconnected technology.

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JUNG area / line coupler

JUNG area / line coupler
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