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Xiamen Intretech joins the KNX Association

Xiamen Intretech Inc. was founded in May 2011, with over 40 wholly owned or holding subsidiaries, such as Intretech (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd., Intretech Hungary Kft. The company now employs over 6000 staff members, including over 1300 highly-qualified engineers and managers, equipped with an enterprise technology centre, research labs, robotic research centre, meanwhile it has also set up industry-university-research cooperation with several universities, such as Fuzhou University.

Intretech has already established all-round, deep-level strategic cooperation with many well-known enterprises such as Logitech (listed company in Switzerland), WIK (Tier One Supplier of Nestle coffee machine), Venture (listed company in Singapore, Tier One Supplier of PMI electronic cigarette), 3Dconnexion (3D mouse), Asetek (listed company in Norway) etc.

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