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ABB i-bus KNX switch actuators now integrated into ABB i-bus tool

The full integration of the ABB i-bus® KNX switch actuator portfolio into the ABB i-bus® tool provides improved device supervision and comprehensive energy management in smart buildings. It provides building managers and system integrators with simplified failure analysis and faster commissioning and maintenance.

Switch actuators are the essential component in a KNX system for switching and controlling loads by turning circuits on or off. To provide support for the wide KNX portfolio, ABB provides an innovative service and commissioning tool, the ABB i-bus® tool. The tool provides system integrators with improved device supervision, faster commissioning and maintenance and comprehensive energy management. This is an important addition to ABB’s smart building service portfolio. The integration of the new switch actuators into the ABB i-bus® tool will also provide system integrators with a quick and easy overview of device status, activated device functions and parameter settings during the commissioning of KNX installations.

Further advantages from integrating switch actuators into the ABB i-bus® tool are the simplified failure analysis which supports troubleshooting, making it easy to validate if a channel is in forced operation, load shedding or has been blocked by a safety alarm.

The tool’s faster commissioning and maintenance supports observation of a real device behavior, for example forced operation, staircase function, load shedding stages and logic signals. While the comprehensive energy management allows for full energy monitoring through the display of the measured current, power, and total energy consumption, and supervision of the load status.

The integration can be achieved simply by updating the ABB i-bus® tool as well as the firmware of the switch actuators. Once done, full functionality is available straight away.

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