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KNX UK Partners with Futurebuild to take a stand for Freedom of Choice

Futurebuild is a premier event for the built environment industry, taking place next March. Considered an ‘industry stage’ among industry professionals, the show cultivates collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

Futurebuild’s mission is to build a better future for the built environment by showcasing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the industry. 

This year the show mission is to help propel the industry towards a more sustainable future, driving sustainable construction to help reach the goal of net zero.

KNX UK are partnering with Futurebuild to take a stand for Freedom of Choice. 

As the UK organisation representing professionals who work with the KNX open protocol, they enable specifiers and end users to enjoy future-proofed smart building technology and powerful commercial BMS, with over 8,000 products to choose from over 500 manufacturers and with over 100,000 certified Integrators worldwide.

Their freedom of choice campaign aims to educate specifiers on how KNX takes endless personalisation and flexibility to the next level to provide a future-proof solution.

“You don’t have to limit yourself to one solution if you want to benefit from all the new technological developments that will enable you to optimise automation and sustainability.” comments Paul Foulkes, KNX Business Manager for Theben UK and Co-Chair of the KNX UK Association. 

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Futurebuild to highlight some of the key issues of proprietary building automation and raise awareness of the freedom that comes with an open protocol system to help us achieve a sustainable future.”

Tune into the Futurebuild and KNX UK Webinar on 13th October here

The KNX UK Freedom of Choice campaign will kick off on the 13th October with a webinar “The language of the free and future-proof smart building controls” in conjunction with Futurebuild.

This webinar will cover the following:

  • An overview of what KNX is and how it works
  • Freedom of products through interoperability
  • Supply chain resiliency
  • Freedom of design
  • Design led solutions
  • Freedom for the future
  • Sustainable technology
  • System Security

Register for the webinar here.

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