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KNX Association Invites You to the KNX IoT Summit on 3rd May

May 3, 8:00AM – 11:00PM BST

Register now to find out about KNX IoT new developments, first product and solutions with technical details. 

The event will be moderated by Bob Synder, Editor-in-Chief at Channel Media, and speakers will include:

  • Franz Kammerl, President, KNX Association
  • Joost Demarest, CTO, KNX Association
  • Jesus Arias, Membership and Business Development, KNX Association
  • Michal Bliznak, Software engineer and Architect, Schneider Electric
  • Petr Mareš, Project Design Leader, Schneider Electric
  • Marek Kozlak, Founder & CEO, Simlab
  • Michał Szopa, SIM-ON Product Owner, Simlab
  • Casto Canavate, Marketing Team Leader, KNX Association

To register and find out more visit:

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