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Bemco Introduces New KNX Panel Building Course for Smart Home Installers

Bemco, one of the larger independent electrical wholesalers in the UK and a specialist in smart home technologies, has added to its extensive range of KNX Training courses with the introduction of a new KNX Panel Building course.

The new one-day KNX Panel Building course will help attendees learn how to build a KNX board, covering the assembly of DIN rail KNX components and switches into an enclosure, wiring schematics, cabling and the creation of lighting circuits and output connections. Priced at £35.00 + VAT, the course next runs on April 6th 2022, and places can be booked at

“The world of the professional electrician and aspiring smart home installer is changing,” says Julian Barkes, Managing Director at Bemco. “Today, there are so many different systems and technologies that can be connected into the modern smart home. Bringing it all together can be painstaking and complicated. HVAC, lighting, blinds, and security systems can now all be brought onto a single control platform – by using KNX – to create a genuinely smart home. KNX technology allows installers to create a reliable and robust system that can be quickly accessed, understood and operated by the client.”

“To properly take advantage of this market opportunity it requires wiring and board building training,” adds Julian. “Bemco provides the training support to help installers familiarise themselves with KNX products, solutions and the know-how necessary for a successful implementation. This new KNX Panel Building course teaches a fundamental and practical set of skills to installers and is expertly delivered in-person at our London KNX Training Centre.”

Bemco is a KNX distributor, dedicated to scouring Europe for the most reliable, advanced and competitively priced KNX components that installers can buy. Products built on the KNX standard provide an excellent level of reliable and interoperable performance in lighting, HVAC, security, blinds, and AV control together with a huge choice of devices and finishes. This allows integrators to select from 1000s of different KNX products to meet the demands of the project, and the taste and preferences of the customer.

The KNX ‘In-Person’ sessions from Bemco include KNX Basic Partner and Advanced Partner courses, together with a KNX Refresher and specialist HVAC Training, all presented by renowned KNX experts at the only London KNX Training Centre in the UK. Located in Wandsworth, this modern facility is equipped to help integrators learn the theory, knowledge and the practical skills they need to take on more than the audio-visual part of a home integration project. For further information, visit

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